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"In 1984 a group from AT&T Bell Labs gave a presentation on the 5620 (AKA the BLIT) in Paris. A 3B2 UNIX host named 'alice' came along as the 5620's file server and was also used to UUCP mail with a system back at the labs. This electronic animated postcard was sent back to the labs via UUCP during the group's trip to France.

Interested in the BLIT? The 'layers' windowing environment which the BLIT uses was later adopted and modified for the Plan 9 operating system. Plan 9 is available for free from

All of the postcard messages:

"Hi Wes M. from Phil G. at AT&T! ! !
Et Bien a vous!
99 bottles of wine on the wall...
Hello! love, Mike
bugs to: alice!mike
Pierre Boulez says `Salut!'
IRCAM welcomes you.
Adrian Freed says ``Bonjour!''
Ahhh... Paris! C'est Belle!
Wish you were here -- Mike
Eat a croissant.
Isn't computer mail GREAT!
J'aime le 5620...
Boulez wants a 5620.
Wa-zoo! Love it!
Having a blast. Mike.
Hawley was here.
J'aime Paris!
IRCAM: what a place.
... wish you were here!
Oenophiles at large.
Paris - mais oui!
Say something in French.
Mon Dieu!
Sacre Bleu!
Pardon, Mademoiselle?
she loves me,...,
she loves me not...,
Hi, Tom.
So what's new, Max?
Dan -- ca va?
Steve? Salut! Felicitations!
Joyeux noel!
Living the life of Riley.
Ah, Dumais...!
Those racy French postcards...
Hello, Jake!
Salut, Joel.
Where's Ryan?
Say hi to Louis for me...
Dannie? It goes?
Customers will get a charge out of this.
bof, de rien, de rien.
j'suis desole', mademoiselle, desole'...
Okay, back to work!
Miss you all. love, Mike
yours truly, Mike
as always, Mike
They love us in Paris.
There is much food here! -- more --
Weather's fine...
Miss you!"

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