Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Midnight Archive - Stereoscopic Terror

YouTube Uploaded by jacob33niver on Feb 6, 2012

"EPISODE 10: 3D Horror Victorian Style This episode brings this whole series and experience full circle. In alot of ways, the topic here - 'death and devil's in 3d' is what brought me to this even bigger world. a few years back, i'd given my first 'lecture' at the Brooklyn Observatory at the request of my friend Joanna. Assuming nobody would show up, i agreed and was promptly shocked and inspired by just how amazing the turnout had been. All to see my collection of 19th century 3d devil tissues... and more than that - the crowd was a delightful mixed bag. From MENSA to Princeton to the street punks and dregs, from the curious to the satanic... Truly inspiring. And so here is my own entry into the archive - please be kind - i hate being on camera - but - what the "hell"... I'm particularlly proud of the way we treated the slides. The idea was to give more of the 3d/color effect to the diableries than simple scans would give you. My ultimate dream is to film the entire series in 3d and set it to music (wink wink at the Real Tuesday Weld) - kept it breif and informal - i am aware of a very comprehensive book currently in the works on the series being done in part by Brian May (Queen's Guitar player and avid stereoscopic fan) so keep your eyes opened! enjoy - also - I've somehow messed up my facebook admin status so if anyone out there can help - please hit me up!! Thank you all!!"

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