Thursday, August 19, 2010

STS-124 Launch w/ Sound

YouTube via plunderingthe7cs | June 24, 2008
Action starts at 1:55. Don't miss the other boosters in the background through the video.

"Video from one of the solid rocket boosters facing the intertank (middle part of external tank). Not too much going on, except the weird noises of the tank draining, until booster seperation. At the end, the camera switches to a view looking straight up so you can see the parachute deployment. The launch clock is in the upper left corner."

NASA Space Shuttle Booster Re-entry

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emm dubb said...

wow. this may go into my stage-show background projection. beginning or end of set? looks like a good show launcher... as long as the ppl on drugs in the audience don't get vertigo.