Wednesday, November 21, 2007


"I call it an auto-morph! It's made from an organic compound I call "Skratch." I originally developed it as a sculpting medium for which I have a patent pending on. It's a great medium for everything- from earthships to spaceships, habitats and beyond. Before you think I'm crazy, let me just say, I've developed a medium that has the ability to conduct a magnetic field, a type of organic metal that has the potential for storing information and energy. Its future applications blow my mind.

For now, I'm funding my work with my art commisions, which leaves me little time to do the work I feel is the most important for us all. I love Coast to Coast,this program has inspired my work. My thanks to every one, that's making it happen.

Your brother in the Galactic Renaissance,
Jared Nicholson
Charlotte, North Carolina"

via COAST TO COAST, via John.


Anonymous said...

My name is Ted King and I would like to know more about Skratch...looks interesting.

I own a couple of firms..

Go to and which will have my
bio attached.

My Las Vegas phone line is 702-968-9947 and I live in the Mountains of Arizona.

You can e-mail me at

Miles of Smiles and Kind Regards,
Ted King

matrix said...

It's not actually mine. I just post what I find interesting here. You can click on the COAST TO COAST link in the post to get to the site dedicated to Skratch.