Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Little Savages and Miniature Worlds

Miniature Worlds
Little Savages

About the Artist via Miniature Worlds:
"Tessa Farmer describes her work as ‘a tool to realise imaginative possibilities that might otherwise linger unseen, just beneath the surface'. The tiny fairies and hell's angels she creates from plant and tree roots owe their scale to the insect wings which sprout from their backs. Although Farmer declares that they are growing smaller still! Farmer presents herself the conjurer of, rather than the maker, of these ‘creatures' examining their behavior and evolution. ‘A bid to reignite childlike curiosity has witnessed the emergence of a species of miniature skeletal creatures resembling the human form'. The new works will continue to investigate this fictional world where the behaviour of these fairies becomes increasing sinister as they mutate, mimic and torture the insects around them. Most recently she has observed their use of bird and animal bones to create flying vessels that facilitate their reign of terror. These creatures acknowledge the nastier side of childhood imagination, the antithesis of the Victorian notions of fantasy they seem to emulate. " via Boing Boing

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