Friday, September 15, 2006


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Phantom Power
Lumiere's train was perhaps the very first action movie, famously sending audiences diving beneath their seats to avoid the oncoming locomotive. Phantom Power pays playful homage to the ghost of the projected train.
Two large dog kennels are placed opposite each other, some 30 feet apart. From the inside the left hand kennel comes a low bayfull howl, followed by the sound of the slow thump of steel and steam. The interior of the kennel begins to glow; on and off in time with the engine's motion. Sound and light increase in volume, building to a crescendo before the sound pans across the room and disappears into the opposite kennel opening. The light then recedes, leaving only the pitter-patter of the phantom train. Exhibited at: The Asylum Road Gallery (1999),Walsall Art Gallery (1997).

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